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On Trail Training discussion of vehicle recovery referencing Safe-Xtract components

On 26 April 2020, On Trail Training posted a live video on Facebook, during which they discussed a variety of vehicle recovery topics.  The video is long but interesting, and they made many references of Safe-Xtract components.   The video can be found here, with discussion of various Safe-Xtract components throughout: On Trail Training live FB video from 26 Apr 2020.

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Morrison’s Outdoor Adventures review of a SX-20000 vehicle recovery kit

On 21 April 2020, Morrison’s Outdoor Adventures provided a rundown and their opinions of the Safe-Xtract SX-20000 Vehicle Recovery Kit as part of a ‘live’ video event on their Facebook Page.  The video can be found here, with discussion of the kit starting at about the 10 minute mark: Morrison’s Outdoor Adventure overview of Safe-Xtract kits.

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Safe-Xtract Components and Kits are in stock and available now at!

Visit ASR Offroad’s Safe-Xtract product listing to see the full range of Safe-Xtract Recovery Kits, Packs and Components available for commercial purchase.

SAFE-XTRACT RECOVERY KITS AND KIT COMPONENTS are design-built to enable use of the following extraction configurations: Single Line Pull (SLP), Double Line Pull (DLP) [for a 2:1 advantage], Re-Direct (RD), Traction “Xtraction” (TX), Momentum “Xtraction” (MX) – and the “Xtreme” version of each kit contains additional equipment that enables the Spanish Burton (SB) recovery technique, providing an impressive 4:1 mechanical advantage on the winch.  No other company offers all these capabilities in an integrated recovery system.  Special features include: 

  • Component MTS/coloring specifically designed for compatibility with proprietary Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App & Field Training Protocol.
  • Individual kit components engineered and matched for optimal interoperability.
  • Designed in collaboration with SOCOM, made in the USA.
  • Berry Amendment, Country Of Origin and Buy American Act compliant where applicable.
  • NATC (Nevada Automotive Test Center) tested and approved.
  • Enrolled as SOCOM mobility Program of Record component.
  • Listed as recommended recovery equipment by the International 4WD Trainers Association.
  • In service with US Army, SOCOM, DEA, National Nuclear Security/Office of Secure Transportation and more.
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What Makes Safe-Xtract Different From all the Rest

Safe-Xtract has developed a Vehicle Recovery System that includes specifically engineered Vehicle Recovery Kits, a Vehicle Recovery Application, and Vehicle Recovery Training. Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits are made in USA, BAA and COO compliant and have been tested and validated by the Nevada Automotive Test Center for United States Special Operations Command. The Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Application is Net Warrior approved for NW End User devices and Nett Warrior Operating Systems. Safe-Xtract is used by units within United States Special Operations Command and is currently fielded with on one of the ground mobility program of record vehicle platforms. The Safe-Xtract Recovery System was selected by the 1st Special Forces Regiment to be the training standard within the SF Groups and is currently being fielded and trained at the team level. The Safe-Xtract Recovery System has also been selected for use by the West Virginia Army National Guards, Special Operations Ground Mobility Training/Testing Center (WV GMTC) to be fielded with their training fleet for use in training to military SOF, Conventional and government agencies units.

Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits enable Single Line Pull [“SLP”], Double Line Pull [“DLP”] for a 2:1 advantage, Re-Direct [“RD”], Traction Xtraction, [“TX”], Momentum Xtraction [“MX”] and Spanish Burton [“SB”] for a 4:1 advantage. Safe-Xtract also developed their Safety Lanyards for increased recovery safety and versatility as well as their patent pending X-Lock used to shorten winch lines, belay, connect lines, and distribute loads in bridle configurations. No other company offers all this.

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What the Experts Say

Safe-Xtract was sponsored by 1st Special Forces Command and the Army’s Mounted Requirements Division for participation and evaluation in the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment [“AEWE 2018”]. Their comments on the Safe-Xtract System included:

  • “Not sure how you can make this any better.”
  • “This needs to make it out into the force. We will benefit tremendously.”
  • “I would teach and train everyone in the Army on self-recovery, make it a school.”
  • “Put Safe-Xtract into an Army recovery school. IE combat driver school etc.”
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Safe-Xtract Capability

Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits are light weight, closed system, all synthetic, engineered to meet or exceed double winch capacity, include safety lanyards, versatile in covering all necessary recovery applications (see below), properly labelled with rated capacities, pull tested, made in USA, Berry Amendment, and COO compliant.

Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Application, currently for Android, and soon for iOS.

Safe-Xtract Recovery System Training is provided by I4WDTA Certified Instructors who have additionally qualified as Safe-Xtract Certified Instructors.

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Safe-Xtract Capability Relevance

Safe-Xtract provides three components necessary to the warfighter:

  1. Vehicle Recovery Kits engineered for:
    1. Winch Xtraction SLP, DLP, RD, SB
        • Single line pull (SLP)
          Single Line Pull
        • Double line pull (DLP)
          Double Line Pull
        • Redirect (RD)
        • Spanish Burton (SB)
          Spanish Burton
    2. Traction Xtraction: TX
      Traction Xtraction
    3. Momentum Xtraction: MX
      Momentum Xtraction
  2. Vehicle Recovery Android Application:
    1. Approved by Net Warrior
    2. Curative – getting safely unstuck
    3. Preventative – avoiding getting stuck
    4. Planning – enhanced mission success
  3. Training from Certified Instructors