Key Recovery Concepts

When taking a systems approach towards Vehicle Recovery, it is important to understand some key concepts and philosophies. Design adherence to these philosophies is another reason why Safe-Xtract is the safest and best vehicle recovery system on Earth!

Understanding vehicle recovery means understanding the basics! There are 3 basic winch configurations and 2 different winch-free recovery methods. They are:

Single Line Pull is the most basic of winching configurations. All components are equally loaded, equivalent to winch capacity.

Double Line Pull is a slightly more advanced winching configuration, with some components receiving twice the load exerted by the winch.

Redirect is another winching configuration, excellent for use when there is no pull point directly in front of you. Traditionally this is done with a Pulley Block. Redirect can also be done with a Safe-Xtract X-Lock… this method provides superior directional control, because the X-Lock does not travel as the winch line is winched in.

The Spanish Burton is an expansion of the DLP concept, achieving a 4:1 mechanical advantage that greatly reduces loading on the winch. Some components experience as much as 4X higher loading than winch capacity, and so selection of components here is key. Unless you have a Safe-Xtract Xtreme kit, which includes every properly sized component needed for this configuration.

No winch? No problem. The Traction Xtraction method uses two poly straps (SX Tree Savers are ideal) and requires a vehicle with sufficient traction to free the vehicle that is stuck.

Momentum Xtraction is the other method of recovering a vehicle without a winch. It uses the unique properties of a Kinetic Energy Rope, which stretches (up on 20% under nominal load, 30% at MTS) to transfer energy from a recovery vehicle to a vehicle that is stuck.

More detailed information regarding each of these recovery techniques can be found on the “Fundamental Winch/Recovery Configurations” tab.