C: Tree Saver

The Safe-Xtract Tree Savers, like all Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kit products, are specifically engineered for strength, longevity, and safety.  Safe-Xtract Tree Savers are of a double (and triple) ply longitudinally stitched folded eye design.  Incorporated into this design is an abrasion-resistant layer stitched to one side.  Some manufactures slide a protective sleeve over a section of their tree savers. This sleeve retains dirt that wears at the strap fibers, inhibits visual inspection and makes proper cleaning more difficult after use.  Furthermore, in the Traction-Xtraction X-Bridle recovery configuration, the protective sides of the Safe-Xtract Tree Savers can be placed against each other, with one facing up and the other facing down, to mitigate any chafing.  A sliding protective sleeve could not be configured in this way.  Similarly, when using the Safe-Xtract Tree Saver to anchor to a tree, the side with the protective layer is placed against the tree thereby protecting the strap from any damage.  Safe-Xtract Tree Savers also feature a special blue safety “telltale” thread stitched down the center of their tree savers – if this thread parts [breaks] and protrudes out of the strap, the Tree Saver must be retired.  This safety feature is yet another example of Safe-Xtract’s attention to design detail. 

Safe-Xtract Tree Savers are labelled with Working Load Limit [“WLL”] ratings for the in line, basket, and choke configuration.  Because Safe-Xtract Tree Savers are rated for overhead lifting, with the WLL derived via a 5:1 safety factor.  This means the Safe-Xtract Tree saver can hold at least 5 times the load specified as the WLL.  The Tree Saver’s MTS is also at least four times the winch capacity, making it improbable that the Tree Saver would fail during winching operations.  Instead, the winch would stall before the failure of any Safe-Xtract Recovery Kit components.