Vehicle Recovery is a dangerous activity, and as with any dangerous activity, people should be trained on their recovery gear before they use it in the field.  Safe-Xtract has developed a professional training course that covers all aspects of vehicle recovery and use of all vehicle recovery components found in the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kit.  This Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Training Course is offered only through select International 4WD Trainers Association Instructors who have subsequently been certified to become Safe-Xtract Certified Instructors.  The Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Training course includes both conceptual and practical instruction, with a morning spent in the classroom setting followed by hands-on instruction in the field.  The following trainers (in alphabetical order) are certified to train in the Safe-Xtract System.

To arrange for training, either directly contact a trainer listed above, or Contact us for training opportunities.