F: Safety Lanyard

Safe-Xtract pioneered the use of a Safety Lanyard (SL) in its pursuit of increased safety for vehicle recovery operations.  The SL is used with a prussik knot and then secured to an anchor so that should anything break, the SL reduces the impact under load. However, the SL can also be used for many other tasks including extending the WL and WLE.  The SL is rated at greater than 1.5 times the winch capacity so can also withstand the load applied by the winch. They may also be used in a V-Bridal and X-Bridal configuration to distribute the load across two recovery points and their combined MTS is three times the winch capacity – again another engineered recovery enhancement and safety consideration provided by Safe-Xtract.  Other manufacturers have copied the SL concept, however some have used line with a braided guard on the outside, which renders use of the prussik knot impossible and thus renders them incompatible with the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery System.  Ropes with braided guards are also not compatible with use of the Safe-Xtract X-Lock.