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Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits

SAFE-XTRACT COMPONENTS AND KITS ARE IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE NOW… visit ASR Offroad’s Safe-Xtract product listing to see the full range of Safe-Xtract Recovery Kits, Packs and Components available for commercial purchase.

Safe-Xtract Recovery Kits are the most comprehensive Vehicle Recovery Kits on the market today.  Each kit is designed to support Single Line Pull (SLP), Double Line Pull (DLP), Redirect (RD), Momentum Xtraction (MX) and Traction Xtraction (TX).  Safe-Xtract Xtreme Kits also support Spanish Burton (SB) rigging.  Safe-Xtract Kits are engineered so that the Minimum Tensile Strength (MTS) and Working Load Limits (WLL) of all the components are matched and should be approx double the max capacity of the winch to which it is being installed.  This means the winch should stall long before breaking any recovery equipment.  Kit selection is thus based on winch capacity and GVWR.  For example, pictured below is an SX-20000 Kit, which has a 20,000 lb load rating and is suitable for winches rated up to 12,500 lbs:

CAPABILITY BASED:  Each kit is composed of interoperable components with complimentary strength ratings, and serves to completely outfit a vehicle with everything needed to perform all basic winch configurations as well as all primary vehicle recovery configurations:  a “Standard” Safe-Xtract Kit enables use of the following extraction configurations: Single Line Pull (SLP), Double Line Pull (DLP) [for a 2:1 advantage], Re-Direct (RD), Traction “Xtraction” (TX) and Momentum “Xtraction” (MX).  An “Xtreme” Safe-Xtract kit further enables the Spanish Burton (SB) winching configuration, which provides an impressive 4:1 mechanical advantage.  No other company offers all these capabilities in an integrated recovery system.  Details of these configurations, including diagrams, can be found below.

INNOVATIVE:  Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits contain several innovative features and components including specialized Safety Lanyards (SL) for increased safety and versatility, the first ever Pulley Block (PB) designed to directly accommodate both Soft Shackles and properly oriented Screw Pin Shackles, and the patent-pending X-Lock (XL) used to shorten winch lines, belay, connect lines, and distribute loads in V-bridle configurations.  Component Breaking Strengths (or MTS – Minimum Tensile Strength) and coloring are specifically designed for compatibility with the proprietary Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App & Field Training Protocol.  Maximum use of the best synthetic lines available increases the safety of this kit by reducing the amount of metal components, reducing the projectile hazards if the system or anchor is overloaded and fails.  It also makes this kit extraordinarily compact and light.

HIGH QUALITY:  All Safe-Xtract products are designed with a primary focus on safety and functionality, with Working Load Limit and Minimum Tensile Strength (MTS) clearly labeled.  All components are made in the USA and are designed and constructed in alignment with the highest quality control, safety and utility standards.  Safe-Xtract Kits are incredibly lightweight and strong, thanks to extensive use of the highest strength synthetic line fibers on earth.

SYNTHETIC LINE COMPONENTS:  Each synthetic line component is made out of either HMPE (High Modulus Poly-Ethylene) Rope or top-tier Double Braid Nylon, and all are Berry Amendment, Country Of Origin (COO) and Buy American Act (BAA) compliant where applicable.  They are manufactured via a process backed by independently established, well-documented quality control standards with external oversight.  Each step in the manufacturing process is thoroughly documented, and the sourcing of all raw materials is traceable by batch to the original date and source of supply.

MACHINED COMPONENTS:  Metal components are designed to be highly corrosion resistant, with parts made of Delrin, machined aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and bronze bushings.  They are designed from the ground up to be fully compatible with synthetic lines, with radiused edges throughout.

KIT TRAINING: Safe-Xtract Recovery System Training is provided by I4WDTA Certified Instructors who have additionally qualified as Safe-Xtract Certified Instructors.  Click here to see a list of SX-certified trainers:

RECOVERY CONFIGURATIONS: Click here to see a list of all the basic recovery configurations supported by the Safe-Xtract Kit:

SUMMARY:  One SX Kit covers all basic recovery methods, making it the only recovery equipment purchase you’ll ever have to make.  The functionality of these kits is unparalleled, and because it is compatible with the excellent SX Training protocol, you can receive advanced training specific to your SX Kit at any time after purchase.  And the SX App makes use even easier.