Why a shorter Winch Line?

Winches pull most efficiently on the first layer of line on the drum – this is the only layer that offers rated winch pulling capacity. As additional layers of rope are wrapped on the winch drum, the pulling power of the winch is degraded. Safe-Xtract’s Vehicle Recovery Kits include a relatively short winch line (when compared with some of the monster 125’+ ft winch lines out there) and a complimentary-sized HMPE winch line extension – this combination enables the operator to unspool the winch line relatively easily in order to maximize winch power, while still achieving impressive reach through the use of the winch line extension when necessary. It also enables a quicker setup for a longer pull as you do not have to unspool the winch line as far – laying out a winch extension is far quicker – and a shorter winch line is easier to wind back onto the winch drum without overloading one side of the drum. And in the Safe-Xtract kit, both the winch line and winch line extension are rated at approx double winch rated pull capacity, for increased safety. By combining the winch line extension and the winch line lock with a daisy chain, one can always pull at the rated winch pulling capacity optimizing winch performance and winch survivability!