SX Vehicle Recovery Kit / Pack components

Component lists for the following SX Kits/Packs:

  • SX-8000 (Standard Kit)
  • SX-8000X (Xtreme Kit) [coming soon]
  • SX-20000 (Standard Kit)
  • SX-20000X (Xtreme Kit) [coming soon]
  • SX-20000 TX/MX Pack (for winch-free vehicle recovery only) [coming soon]

SAFE-XTRACT SOFT SHACKLES: Not all Soft Shackles are created equal.  There are five common soft shackle designs, each having a different strength capacity.  The weakest and cheapest of these is the spliced loop single leg made with a diamond knot, which offers about 104% of the single line Minimum Tensile Strength (MTS). The spliced loop single leg design is favored by many manufacturers because it is the easiest to tie and uses the least amount of rope, making it cheaper to manufacture.  In contrast, Safe-Xtract uses the strongest design, the button knot double leg. This design uses more rope and it takes much longer to tie the button knot – however, this design offers 225% of the single line MTS.  Safe-Xtract has verified this with exhaustive testing in accordance with Cordage Institute testing standards.  Spliced loop single leg soft shackles made out of the same material may look similar to the untrained eye, but are less than half the strength of a Safe-Xtract soft shackle.  Like we said, not all soft shackles are created equal!  With respect to design, Safe-Xtract Soft Shackles are incredibly strong and durable, made in the USA of the highest strength 12-Strand High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene (HMPE) rope available.  This HMPE is stronger than standard steel cable of the same diameter, yet is more than 6 times lighter – so light it floats! Safe-Xtract Soft Shackles feature a protective high-visibility Neon Orange polyurethane coating and are marked with green loading lines that make safe use intuitive.  SX Vehicle Recovery Kits and Packs are engineered such that Safe-Xtract Soft Shackles have a minimum rating of approximately four times winch capacity. The info sheet for a Safe-Xtract Soft Shackle – in this case the 7/16″ x 10″ version designed for inclusion with the SX-20000 Kit – is provided below.