D: Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope

Safe-Xtract Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes (KERRs) are made in the USA of top-tier Double Braided Nylon, with an optimal internal strand count based on rope diameter.  Just like the Safe-Xtract WL and WLE, the Safe-Xtract KERR eyes are dipped in a proprietary rubber compound to form an incredibly durable attachment point, a significant design improvement over abrasion sleeves that collect dirt and prevent visual inspection.  The Safe-Xtract KERR is also coated with a proprietary neon-orange colored polyurethane coating which prevents dirt and debris from clinging to and getting into the fibers.  Some companies use solution-dyed black rope, however this can reduce overall rope strength by 10%:

Excerpt from Cortland Double Braid Nylon Data Sheet

The features employed by Safe-Xtract considerably improve the wear properties of the Safe-Xtract KERR design, increasing overall rope lifespan.  The Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery System is engineered such that the Minimum Tensile Strength (MTS) of a Safe-Xtract KERR – which is clearly marked on the durable data tag – is three times vehicle GVWR.  When loaded to 1/3 the MTS rating, the expected KERR elongation is up to approximately 18%.  Many other manufacturers advertise elongation up to 30%, however this is the point of elongation under maximum load at the point of rope failure, which is of course an extremely unsafe condition and therefore an inappropriate rating to publish.  Not everyone puts safety first…