Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Application

The patent pending Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Application enables the user to input data and determine the Total Resistance, or load, required to Xtract the stuck vehicle. The App then determines the winch layer required to exceed the Total Resistance, provides the rigging recommendation, and the Duty Cycle Distance where relevant. The App further provides the Momentum Xtraction recommended speed based on the GVW of the vehicle. The App also provides useful recovery safety points, diagrams, and pictures to best utilize the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits.

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  1. Weight: choose a suitable vehicle from the drop down menu or enter the GVW
  2. Enter the gradient in degrees
  3. Enter total number of wheels on the vehicle – usually 4
  4. Enter the number of wheels buried below the center line, missing, or damaged
  5. Enter your winch capacity (lbs.)
  6. From the drop down menu, choose the ground type that best describes the type of ground you are stuck in.

The output results provide a recommended winch rigging to overcome the Total resistance.