Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App

The patent pending Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Mobile App takes the guesswork out of the synthetic rope-based vehicle recovery process.  This app enables the user to input a few data points such as vehicle weight, gradient, ground condition, stuck wheels and winch capacity – and it uses this data to determine the Total Resistance, or load, required to Xtract the stuck vehicle using either self-recovery and/or assisted recovery methods.  For winch-related recoveries, the App provides the winch layer required to exceed the Total Resistance, rigging recommendations & diagrams, recommended equipment ratings and even access to training videos.   No winch?  No problem!  The App also recommends non-winch “Traction Xtraction” and “Momentum Xtraction” options when available, including an estimated maximum speed for successful use of a Kinetic Recovery Rope in a Momentum Xtraction.

There is also a Learning Center section to the app, filled with helpful safety information and tutorials that detail proper hand signals, how to perform a stuck assessment, a listing of detailed diagrams of all the standard vehicle recovery configurations, helpful instructional videos to guide you through the fundamentals of each recovery configuration, and much more.

This app is aligned with the Safe-Xtract training program and is compatible with the use of all Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery kits and components.

The Android version of the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App can be found at the Google Play store HERE

The Apple iOS version of the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App can be found at the Apple App Store by a simple search for “safe-xtract”.