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Safe-Xtract Capability

Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits are light weight, closed system, all synthetic, engineered to meet or exceed double winch capacity, include safety lanyards, versatile in covering all necessary recovery applications (see below), properly labelled with rated capacities, pull tested, made in USA, Berry Amendment, and COO compliant.

Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Application, currently for Android, and soon for iOS.

Safe-Xtract Recovery System Training is provided by I4WDTA Certified Instructors who have additionally qualified as Safe-Xtract Certified Instructors.

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Safe-Xtract Capability Relevance

Safe-Xtract provides three components necessary to the warfighter:

  1. Vehicle Recovery Kits engineered for:
    1. Winch Xtraction SLP, DLP, RD, SB
        • Single line pull (SLP)
          Single Line Pull
        • Double line pull (DLP)
          Double Line Pull
        • Redirect (RD)
        • Spanish Burton (SB)
          Spanish Burton
    2. Traction Xtraction: TX
      Traction Xtraction
    3. Momentum Xtraction: MX
      Momentum Xtraction
  2. Vehicle Recovery Android Application:
    1. Approved by Net Warrior
    2. Curative – getting safely unstuck
    3. Preventative – avoiding getting stuck
    4. Planning – enhanced mission success
  3. Training from Certified Instructors