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Safe-Xtract Capability Relevance

Safe-Xtract provides three components necessary to the warfighter:

  1. Vehicle Recovery Kits engineered for:
    1. Winch Xtraction SLP, DLP, RD, SB
        • Single line pull (SLP)
          Single Line Pull
        • Double line pull (DLP)
          Double Line Pull
        • Redirect (RD)
        • Spanish Burton (SB)
          Spanish Burton
    2. Traction Xtraction: TX
      Traction Xtraction
    3. Momentum Xtraction: MX
      Momentum Xtraction
  2. Vehicle Recovery Android Application:
    1. Approved by Net Warrior
    2. Curative – getting safely unstuck
    3. Preventative – avoiding getting stuck
    4. Planning – enhanced mission success
  3. Training from Certified Instructors